Dr. Eugen Herrmann

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), B.Sc. (Physics)

German and
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark and Design Attorney
European Patent Litigator (UPC)


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Dr. Eugen Herrmann
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Eugen Herrmann holds a doctorate in physics and has been admitted as a European Patent Attorney since 2011 and as a German Patent Attorney since 2012.

Legal Activity

Dr. Eugen Herrmann has been working in the field of intellectual property (IP) since 2003 and advises clients on all issues related to obtaining and defending technical protective rights as well as ensuring freedom to operate against third party protective rights. Dr. Herrmann is admitted as representative at the UPC (European Patent Litigator (UPC)) since June 2024.

Dr. Eugen Herrmann's practice focuses on patent prosecution, prosecution and examination of German, European and international patent applications, opposition proceedings, as well as the preparation of opinions regarding the freedom to act with respect to third party intellectual property rights and the legal status.

Due to his many years of experience in industry, Dr. Herrmann is also very familiar with the entrepreneurial perspective with regard to industrial property rights. In particular, Dr. Herrmann has extensive experience in the areas of employee invention law, strategic portfolio management, assessments of freedom to operate with respect to third party intellectual property rights, as well as national and international patent litigation.

Technical Background

Dr. Herrmann first studied technical physics at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, and physics at Nottingham Trent University (UK). Subsequently, Dr. Herrmann received his PhD in the field of semiconductor lasers from Cardiff University (UK).

His core technical areas include optics, optical lithography, semiconductor lasers, lasers, automotive technology, medical engineering, and computer-implemented inventions. 


since 2024
European Patent Litigator (UPC)

since 2020
Patent Attorney at the law firm Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann

2019 – 2020
Patent Attorney in a renowned German patent law firm

2012 – 2018
Patent Counsel at Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH (industry: semiconductor manufacturing, optical lithography)

2007 - 2012
Patent Counsel at Continental Automotive GmbH (industry: automotive)

2004 – 2007
Patent Professional at Siemens AG (industry: automotive)

2003 – 2004
Patent Manager at the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. (branch: patent exploitation)


  • Patent Attorneys Association (PAK)
  • Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi)
  • International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)
  • Association of Intellectual Property Professionals (VPP)
  • German Japanese Lawyers Association (DJJV)
  • Licensing Executive Society (LES)
  • German Physical Society (DPG)


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