Tradition and |future

WR was founded in 2007 and can nevertheless look back on a long tradition. Our lawyers have been involved in significant decisions of German and European courts since 1990.


WR was founded in 2007 through the merger of various long-established law firms and practice groups. The leading law firm "Wallinger und Partner" of Dr. Michael Wallinger in the fields of mechanical and automotive engineering joined forces with the chemicals/pharmaceuticals practice group of Dr. Mathias Ricker (formerly IP Coordinator Europe at the major law firm "Jones Day" in Munich).

Since its foundation, the firm has grown dynamically. In particular, WRST has been strengthened by the addition of experienced industrial lawyers from the biotechnology, medical technology, and electrical engineering sectors, as well as lawyers from large law firms. In parallel, we continuously train young scientists to become patent attorneys in our firm.

The firm is established as one of the most respected IP law firms in Germany - see "JUVE" rankings of recent years, in which WRST ranks among the top 30 of all IP law firms in Germany, especially as a litigation firm in infringement proceedings.