Technical Expertise


The chemical industry is one of the most important economic sectors in industrialized nations, with a high level of innovation. It has made a significant contribution to economic prosperity, and current social challenges such as climate protection and sustainable use of resources cannot be solved without forward-looking developments and inventions from the chemical industry.

Since chemical innovations are often associated with high R&D costs, their protection is of central importance.


The patent attorneys in the field of chemistry are chemists with doctorates who have often worked in industry for many years.

Our expertise covers almost all areas of chemistry. For example, we advise clients in the following areas:

  • Batteries and fuel cells
  • Metals and metal alloys
  • Catalysts (e.g., metal-organic metathesis catalysts)
  • Wood-based chemicals (e.g., cellulose, lignin and bioethanol)
  • Polymers (e.g., for tires, superabsorbents, hollow fiber membranes, prepregs)
  • Natural substances and natural substance derivatives
  • Textile fibers and textile chemicals (e.g., dyes, bleaching agents, care products)
  • Ingredients and additives for detergents and foodstuffs
  • Cosmetic products (e.g., hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin)
  • Diagnostic reagents (e.g., chemiluminescence probes)
  • Chemical process engineering


In the field of chemistry, WR represents clients at all stages of corporate development, i.e., from start-ups to small and medium-sized enterprises to large international corporations. 

In addition to drafting patent applications and conducting opposition and appeal proceedings, our services also include the preparation of legal opinions such as infringement, validity, and FTO opinions. We also have many years of experience in IP due diligence processes and portfolio management. 

In addition, our attorneys advise start-ups on the preparation of business plans and support clients in technology scouting and innovation management. 

In the enforcement of patents, our patent attorneys work closely with our attorneys-at-law. They have extensive experience in patent infringement litigation and have extensive knowledge of the specific case law in the field of chemistry.