Technical expertise


"Everything is physics!" And that is why it is closely related to all other natural sciences and engineering. The perspective of physics is our first tool of the trade - it helps us to fathom and often describe the core of technical teachings. 

Physical knowledge plays a prominent role in all modern technologies, from propulsion and energy concepts to optics and every single mechanical or dynamic process. Across disciplines, many patents therefore touch on physical areas - and are accordingly considered by our physics experts in their patent work.


Patent attorneys at our firm draw on a sound understanding of physics and practical experience in a wide range of physics-related technologies. They have graduated with a doctorate in physics and have either pursued academic careers or gained several years of industrial experience in research and development. 

In all areas of classical physics, from mechanics to thermodynamics to optics, as well as in the related technical fields of electronics, micro- and optoelectronics, micro- and nanotechnology or metrology, our clients meet contact persons at eye level.


Physics is closely related to engineering and the other natural sciences. Therefore, the patent attorneys in this field of competence work closely together with their colleagues in other fields.
In addition to all core patent attorney services, our firm assists new developments at all stages. Furthermore, we evaluate development concepts with respect to potentially protectable aspects and offer to conduct and evaluate patent searches. 

Further special competencies of our law firm are the preparation of expert opinions in the case of possible patent infringements, as well as on the legal status of intellectual property rights, but also the representation in litigation in corresponding proceedings. Our attorneys are familiar with the relevant case law of the Boards of Appeal of the EPO and the Federal Court of Justice and have in some cases obtained landmark decisions themselves.