Technical Expertise

Green Technologies

Green Technologies are expected to do nothing less than solve the problems of our modern society in terms of sustainability and climate protection. 

From groundbreaking developments in renewable energy to the use of genetically modified bacteria to produce biodiesel, the diversity of Green Technologies is unparalleled. In particular, collaboration between scientists and engineers from different disciplines is essential to the success of this exciting, fast-growing industry.


WR has been advising clients in the field of green technologies for many years. Whether it is the latest lithium battery technologies, the production of biodiesel, state-of-the-art drive technologies or wind and solar power plants - our firm always has the right IP experts when it comes to patent protection of sustainable ideas, concepts, and innovative green technologies.



The interdisciplinary cooperation of patent attorneys is an elementary part of the firm's philosophy, from which clients in the interdisciplinary field of Green Technologies in particular benefit. Regardless of whether a start-up or a large corporation wants to protect green technologies – the team of attorneys is always optimally put together to master all technical and legal challenges.