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Advocate for your ideas

Our actions speak for us. With us, you will always find a competent contact - no matter how exotic the technology you want to protect or how complicated the legal situation. Even our most experienced attorneys serve our clients personally, always keeping their business interests in mind.


1|Strategic consulting

IP rights are only valuable to our clients if they are enforceable. Therefore, we focus on an IP strategy with context that is continuously aligned with our clients' business objectives.


2|Everything about patenting

Yes, we are fussy when it comes to protecting your ideas. We meticulously polish every word to ensure that your patent stands up to almost every "if and but". Our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law are also familiar with the particularities of patent law in other countries.


3|Partner in legal matters

From copyright disputes to patent infringement proceedings and antitrust law: the firm's attorneys advise clients on all national and international issues relating to intellectual property.


4| Efficiency

The direct way is always the safest and fastest. That is why your patent attorney or attorney-at-law is always ready to help you, whether by phone, by e-mail or by video conference if there is a question. Our customer-oriented communication is as brief as possible and straight to the point.


„Our law firm was founded with the claim to have a competent contact person for every technical area and every question - a ‘one-stop store’".
Mathias Ricker, Founding Partner“


Mathias Ricker, Founding Partner

We work internationally

In our globalized world, worldwide protection for innovations is essential for many areas of technology. Therefore, national patents are rarely sufficient.

Through our global network of carefully-selected foreign law firms, we are able to protect your invention in other countries as well. Thus, our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law maintain worldwide relationships with law firms in countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan and many more, including, of course, across the entirety of Europe.

With our comprehensive support of clients in all IP areas, we rank among the best patent and law firms in Europe, which is not least underlined by our placements in a number of rankings. For example, according to the Handbook of Commercial Law Firms published by JUVE-Verlag, we are among the leading law firms in Germany in patent law.

positioned broadly

Our range of clients

Great ideas are born where great minds work. This can be in a multinational corporation or in a small start-up. We give every idea the same, full attention.

Our clients therefore include DAX corporations and international blue chips, highly-specialized, medium-sized companies as well as start-ups.

For many of our clients, we act as an external or outsourced IP department, working closely with their management, inventors, and R&D departments on a day-to-day basis. Other client stake advantage of synergies and benefit from outsourcing individual projects - especially in contentious proceedings, such as opposition, appeal, nullity, or patent infringement proceedings.