Technical expertise

Automation and Robotics

In interaction with artificial intelligence, automation allows high efficiency increases in all areas of technology. But Industry 4.0 is not the only sector to benefit from the new possibilities. The transport & logistics sector, for example, is integrating automated workflows into its processes on a grand scale. The health and care sector is also testing how robots can help improve the working conditions of their employees.

However, artificial intelligence and robotics will primarily change our everyday lives, with humans and machines cooperating more and more frequently: in autonomous driving, in the kitchen, or when shopping. The hardware and control concepts for these visions that have become reality are currently being created around the world - and with them valuable intellectual property that our law firm protects for its clients.



Our patent attorneys combine a broad spectrum of knowledge at the interfaces of mechanical engineering and control engineering. In-depth knowledge of technical mechanics, especially kinematics and dynamics, is our basis for providing patent support to clients in the development of new, automated logistics, production and service systems. But also in cybernetics and artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, we draw on a profound expertise - not least due to numerous mandates. This includes our experience with neural networks as well as with trend technologies around genetic algorithms, fuzzy systems, or support vector machines.



In the field of automation and robotics, WR serves the patent departments of internationally operating corporations, as well as medium-sized companies, and young start-ups. Our focus is entirely on the individual needs of our clients. After all, strategic considerations of a company are of great importance in every patent application. 

We support you throughout the entire examination procedure before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Office, and the national patent offices, for example, in the USA, China or South Korea. In the event of an infringement of your intellectual property rights by third parties, we represent your interests before all patent and ordinary courts, or, conversely, take over your defense against actions arising from third party intellectual property rights.