Legal Expertise


Traditionally, copyright law has served to protect the artistic and creative results, for example, of composers, authors, photographers, and filmmakers. However, the development of computer technology and the Internet have extended the significance of copyright far beyond the classic protection of art and artists.



Our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law also work hand in hand on copyright issues.  They have many years of experience in enforcing copyrights and drafting contracts at all stages of the copyright exploitation chain. 

The firm's focus is clearly on copyrights in the field of modern technologies.


Regardless of the question of patentability of computer-implemented inventions, software and even databases are protected against unauthorized copying and use under modern copyright law. 

Digital technology, which allows copies without loss of quality, as well as cross-border distribution via the Internet, poses new challenges to national and international copyright law. 

We support our clients according to their individual needs, either on a project basis or with long-term, internationally designed strategies for enforcing their copyrights.