Legal Expertise

IP Due Diligence

Industrial property rights not only serve to defend against unauthorized imitations of technical inventions, designs, creations, or designs. They usually also represent a considerable (corporate) value. As an economic asset, they are therefore frequently also a component of transactions, both in the form of an individual transfer and of company transfers as an asset deal or share deal.



The patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law of WR have many years of experience in the analysis and evaluation of intellectual property rights and intellectual property rights portfolios - largely through their own work in the patent departments of corporate groups. They are therefore also familiar with the perspective and aspects of companies for which IP rights are relevant as an economic asset.



WR offers the complete range of services in IP due diligence, i.e. the evaluation and analysis of intellectual property of companies. 

This includes, in particular, the close examination of transfer and licensing chains or the effective transfer of employee inventions to the employer. We also focus on the possible effects of a transfer on the effectiveness of existing licenses, on license restrictions, or on the licensor's exit clauses.

In the context of the purchase or sale of intellectual property rights or portfolios of intellectual property rights, we advise on the formulation of suitable contractual clauses and, in consultation with the client, draft contracts which stand alone or in the context of comprehensive company purchase agreements.