Technical Expertise

Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering is one of the most important drivers of innovation and productivity in industrialized countries. The range of products and processes for preserving and improving health and quality of life is huge, from devices for diagnostics, surgery, and therapy to instruments for aesthetic procedures, implants, prostheses, and laboratory accessories. 

However, Medical Engineering also drives neighboring fields, especially materials science and software development. The growth of personalized medicine is accelerating the development of data-processing medical devices and the associated artificial intelligence (AI).

The high level of innovation in Medical Engineering is also confirmed by statistics from the European Patent Office: next to communications technology, it is the sector with the highest number of applications.


The broad range of requirements of our clients demonstrates the strong positioning of our firm in the field of Medical Engineering. Our patent attorneys and engineers look back on scientific careers at internationally renowned universities and have specialized in patent law in various MedTech fields. They therefore know exactly what is important in this highly agile industry. 

The following topics (selection) are the current focus of our patent work:

  • Automation of medical procedures
  • Laboratory and cosmetic devices
  • Endoscopy
  • Sensors and nanotechnology
  • Imaging diagnostics
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory materials and products
  • Computer-implemented medical engineering, especially simulation and algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence


Our high level of expertise in the field of MedTech convinces market-leading companies as well as SMEs or start-ups. Constant contact persons - usually the patent attorneys themselves - always choose the direct line for communication with the clients. This makes cooperation simple and efficient.

Our worldwide network of IP specialists is available for international issues. In addition, we are continuously educating ourselves in order to be up-to-date in the innovative MedTech field. We also constantly adapt our software and workflows to the latest developments. 

Our patent practice includes new filings and prosecution, patent portfolio development and management, freedom-to-operate and infringement opinions.  

We enforce industrial property rights in all types of contentious proceedings. In particular, we represent your interests in opposition/appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office, as well as in infringement and nullity proceedings before German courts, including the German Federal Supreme Court.