Technical expertise

Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Semiconductors (EE)

They are the pacemaker of our technical progress, and  they are becoming ever smaller, faster and more powerful: microelectronics. In particular, this includes semiconductor components, integrated circuits and electronic systems based on them, which are paired with complex and multi-layered software. 

This is also reflected in the global patent applications for electrical engineering, electronics and semiconductors, which regularly occupy the top positions in the statistics of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).


The technical expertise of our competence team is not based solely on scientific careers at universities. Our patent attorneys have worked in the RE industry themselves for many years. This real-world experience is a key advantage for our clients, who can communicate with us at eye level even on complex issues.

To keep up with the short innovation cycles in RE technologies, our patent attorneys and subject matter experts continuously educate themselves - both in terms of legal and technical developments. As speakers, they regularly participate in specialist conferences.

Our intellectual property services cover broad areas of relevant EE technologies, starting from classical electrical engineering and mechatronics to the latest electronics and semiconductor technologies: 

  • Architecture and design of devices and systems (discrete, SOC).
  • Electronic, especially integrated, circuits and devices 
  • Software (from firmware to applications), computer-implemented inventions (CII) 
  • Microelectromechanical systems, MEMS 
  • Optoelectronics 
  • Sensor and measurement technologies 
  • Manufacturing technologies (system production, wafer fabrication, semiconductor process technology, assembly and packaging technology, test technology, production equipment) 
  • and much more.


In EE technologies, we serve medium-sized companies and start-ups, as well as global market leaders and we do it as simply and directly as possible. We prefer to simply reach for the phone instead of a lawyer's letter. The first point of contact for our clients is always the IP expert responsible for the project, which is usually the patent attorney himself. After all, we know how important fast response times are for IP issues. 

Our core services for the RE industry include, in particular, the establishment and further development of patent portfolios. This includes the drafting and prosecution of patent applications, the coordination of worldwide protection of related applications abroad, and the preparation of expert opinions, in particular on infringement and validity issues.

Another focus of our practice is the representation of our clients in patent infringement proceedings. This includes both the enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights before the relevant courts, the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) and the European Patent Office (EPO), as well as representation in proceedings directed against our clients.

In addition, we provide comprehensive advice to companies in the area of strategic IP management - from strategy development and IP exploitation to IP risk management and internal IP litigation.
We also assist clients in the negotiation of IP and IT contracts and licenses, R&D cooperation issues, the transfer of IP rights in M&A and seek efficient solutions in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings.