Technical expertise

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical as well as industrial engineering forms one of the core competencies of what IP protects. But the days of pure performance optimization are over - the requirements have changed drastically. A prominent example: the automotive industry and its commitment to the development of electric and hybrid drive concepts. But digital control systems and energy-efficient concepts are also very much in vogue in classic mechanical engineering. 

Whether printing presses, industrial plant 4.0 or 5-axis CNC milling machines - technical innovations not only promote new business but also secure a long-term competitive advantage for mechanical engineering companies. That is why people continue to copy what is new and good, in their own countries and worldwide. The effective protection of technical inventions through industrial property rights is therefore of central importance.


Partners of the firm have gained extensive experience as doctorate-level  mechanical engineers with years of research and industrial activity. For many years, they have successfully used their specialized knowledge to obtain and enforce intellectual property rights in all fields of application of industrial and mechanical engineering.

Their expertise covers the classic areas of mechanics and design, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, as well as electrical engineering and control engineering. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge of advanced topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks), Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Systems, Support Vector Machines, and many more. 

Whenever specific expertise is required, our patent attorneys work together on an interdisciplinary basis.


In the field of mechanical and industrial engineering, our attorneys develop customized patent strategies for international market leaders, as well as for SMEs or start-ups. Direct contact with our clients' developers often ensures particularly efficient cooperation and optimal protection of their inventions and products. 

Our services range from the filing of patent applications and assistance during the examination proceedings to the enforcement of our clients' own intellectual property rights or, conversely, the defense against lawsuits before all patent and ordinary courts - nationally and internationally.