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Dr. rer. nat. Erich Fritsche
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Dr. Erich Fritsche is a Patent Attorney and partner of the firm. As a biochemist with a doctorate, he specializes in the technical fields of chemistry, pharmacy, and biology/biotechnology. Dr. Fritsche has been working as a Patent Attorney for more than 15 years and advises domestic and foreign clients in all matters of patent law.

Legal Practice

Dr. Fritsche advises start-ups and medium-sized companies, as well as large international corporations on all issues of patent and utility model law. The focus of his work is on obtaining, defending, and enforcing patents in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biology, and biotechnology. He regularly represents clients in opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office and has achieved important successes for his clients in numerous proceedings.

In addition, Dr. Erich Fritsche has extensive experience in managing complex patent portfolios, preparing freedom-to-operate, validity and infringement opinions, conducting due diligence analyses, and representing and participating in nullity and infringement proceedings.

Technical Background

Dr. Erich Fritsche studied biochemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and subsequently obtained his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry. Prior to his career in intellectual property law, he worked as a consultant for the renowned management consultancy Bain & Company and was jointly responsible for the development of biotech strategies for international pharmaceutical companies and the implementation of reengineering programs for leading companies in the healthcare sector.

In his patent practice, Dr. Fritsche specializes in the fields of chemistry and life sciences, such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals (e.g., "small molecule" drugs, generics, biologics, biosimilars, and antisense molecules),
  • Biotechnology (e.g., prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, recombinant DNA techniques, and transgenic plants).
  • Immunology (e.g., vaccines and monoclonal antibodies).
  • Cell biology (e.g. stem cells and cell culture media)
  • Aesthetic medicine (e.g. botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers) 
  • Food industry (e.g. food additives, natural polymers, industrial enzymes).


Since 2017
Partner at Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann

Patent Attorney at WR

Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney at the law firm Wuesthoff & Wuesthoff in Munich, Germany

Admission as European Patent Attorney

Admission as Patent Attorney, European Trademark Attorney and European Design Attorney

Training as German Patent Attorney at the law firm Hansmann & Vogeser (Munich), at the District Court of Munich, at the German Patent and Trademark Office, and at the Federal Patent Court

Consultant at the management consultancy Bain & Company in Munich

Doctoral thesis at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried in the working group of Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Robert Huber in the field of X-ray structure analysis of proteins; doctorate (summa cum laude) 1998 (Dr. rer. nat.)

Biochemistry studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) (main subjects: microbiology, immunology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics); diploma 1995 (Dipl. Natw. ETH)


  • Patent Attorneys Association (PAK)
  • Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi)
  • International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)


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Scientific Publications

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