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Our enlightening seminar is focused on the latest advancements in Green Tech Innovations. Throughout the event, expert speakers will delve into key topics, providing valuable insights and maximizing opportunities in this rapidly evolving field. Don‘t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.


November 19, 2024
11 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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Welcome by Dr. Holger Bengs

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Dr. Holger Bengs

Keynote Speaker "Networking is your new life insurance"
Managing Partner BCNP

Chemistry makes the world go around.

I grew up with Sesame Street.
This is probably the reason why I was always curious to ask my questions, why I started studying chemistry and why I am interested in people and what they do. Today, many see me as the prototype of a networker.
Networking is part of my life, from a professional point of view: as founder and managing partner of BCNP, as initiator of the Industry Speed Dating Event known as ECP, or e.g. the regulars' tables of the Association for Chemistry and Business in the Society of German Chemists.
A hybrid character characterises my strengths today: Chemistry studies - industry experience - business.

Jamila Schäfer

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My topics

My work in the Bundestag mainly takes place in the committees, which are organised according to different subject areas. I am a member of the Budget Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee for my Green parliamentary group. In the Budget Committee, we decide what our government is authorised to spend money on. Among my Green colleagues, we have divided up the budgets of the ministries: I am responsible for the budgets of the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs.

The Foreign Affairs Committee deals with German and European foreign policy. This is where we decide, for example, on foreign deployments of the German Armed Forces or on Germany's relations with other countries. Within the Green parliamentary group, I am responsible in this committee for the United Nations (and therefore also sit on the subcommittee "United Nations, International Organisations and Civilian Crisis Prevention"), for Western Europe and for Central and Southern Africa. I am a deputy member of the newly established Committee of Inquiry into the end of the Afghanistan mission.

I also have a deputy seat on the Europe Committee, which deals with all issues relating to our neighbouring countries and the European Union as a whole. Here I am responsible for all issues relating to euro finances.

Dr. Michael Brandkamp


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Jamilia Schäfer


Member of the
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